B! is a creative brand consultancy rooted in strategic thinking and planning. We help our clients navigate the ever-changing content landscape and create platforms and experiences that move brands forward.

BRANDanswers is a company that is focused on enabling the design and delivery of multi-sided platforms. We work in partnership with platform development companies who would need a partner to enable the rollout that could vary from case to case.
Our approach is focused on mapping the needs of the ecosystem players and articulating the value of using a platform for each of them, both involving communication whether it be written or in the form of slides, videos, posters etc.
We believe that this has to be done in a real time basis and has to be evaluated for effectiveness all through the process. Alignment between the all the stakeholders in understanding the approach and project implementation is key to success of the platform rollout. That way we have to work closely with platform partners who gives us the technology on which the platform solution is built for the end customer.
Starting from the design phase – we are involved in every stage of the platform building and deployment.


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